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Between Man and God, Acrylic on Canvas 56" x 192" 2000

This painting depicts what is between man and God; something extremely fundamental.

The fundamental is "LOVE" and it is missing. This is the twenty first century, two thousand years after Christ and the world is still going just as ballistic as it was back then. The world is still going crazy for God, in other words: willing to cause great destruction to God's gift of life.

In this painting one can see three pyramids of Egypt as symbol of where we started. As we moved on through the barbaric times of the early Macedonians (side bottom left), the world struggled in search of God. Soon later civilizations evolved to Athens, Greece (the upper left of the canvas is the old structure of the pantheon). The middle right of the canvas depicts the remnants of Rome's civilization and the far right of the canvas depict east Jerusalem, then and now.

Today is represented by an earthy blue globe, just off center in the canvas. The human profiles facing one another in the blue globe represent the need for humanity to communicate or dialog in the name of God. Within them is a fetus that is ready to come to life. The bursting orange clouds around the globe represents nuclear energy. Throughout the canvas are people of all creeds in search of God.

In the time we are living, humans no longer revindicate with the sword because modern time allows us to push a nuclear button. In time to come all of humanity will understand God, "DIVINITY". God was too complex for early humans to fully understand, especially in primitive and barbaric times. However, some humans claimed that God talked to them, but it still took us over two thousand years on our own to understand the earth was a round globe. You would think God would have saved us alot of trouble if he would have told us the earth was round.

May all of humanities live in peace.

-Carlo Thertus


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