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The Fourth Dimension, Acrylic on Primed Plywood Relief 84"x408"x10" 1999

50 years ago Albert Einstein's proven theory of relativity (time & space) allowed technology to evolve into a new dimension, the Fourth Dimension.

50 years later with our new wealth of knowledge, we are taking baby steps into a new frontier. According to the laws of relativity, humanity's consciousness is not in relativity to it's time - it's evolution.

Humans came from total ignorance out of the jungles and caves. We managed to evolve to where we are today as we are the only species with the gift of imagination. And today, in the world of the twenty-first century there is so much hate even between religions that are worshiping the same God.

We are at the center of relativity with the gift of being human, a gift that we still cannot reason with...

This sculpture represents the landscape of humanity depicted in the city of all cities with human evolution through time and space. From the left is a human figure evolving from an ape while Einstein is in a triangle of space looking over the future. Throughout the sculpture people of all creeds represent humanity in a space ship city going through the fourth dimension of time at a hypersonic speed. The center consists of the profiles of two humans back to back forming the atom bomb- ironically, they both are holding half of a peace sign. Between them there is a clock with the world map and a human figure reaching the five senses while the clock's hands run backwards. The clock indicates that our fundamental relativity is off, not in relativity with time.

Or, that we are running out of time.

-Carlo Thertus


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